Our factory

The factory is a modern manufacturing plant perfectly organized and managed in an excellent way, it has a status of Regional Manufacturing Place and more than 60 years of experience in pharmaceutics manufacturing.

Since 2005 the manufacture of over sixty preparations from some European Union countries has been transferred to the Medicines Factory in Rzeszow. Currently it manufactures approximately 150 different medical products in forms of tablets, coated tablets, drops, syrups, suspensions, sticks, capsules and ointments.

The Factory has its scientific and research background, which elaborates technology and analytics of new medical products on its own. However, it mainly adapts the obtained licenses to the existing new generation manufacturing conditions. The synchronized technological processes take place in three manufacturing departments: Synthesis, Drug Forms I, Drug Forms I II (new manufacturing unit). All departments are equipped with appliances of renown companies manufacturing machines for pharmacy such as: GLATT, LEDIGE, KILIAN, AMRP, LUWA. The superfast IT network and SAP system installed in our Company allows for complex management in manufacturing, administration and financial sphere. Electronic information flow is also used for many other purposes, i.e. control of air conditions in the rooms: temperature, humidity, dust level. Air conditioning applied in Medicines Factory in Rzeszow is adjusted to technological conditions required for medicines manufacturing under GMP conditions, taking in consideration comfort of work of persons participating in manufacturing processes. The Quality Assurance System applied in the Company is based on worldwide GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) system, confirmed by obtained certifications, which ensures the clients, that the pharmaceutics manufactured by ICN Polfa Rzeszów S.A. meet the international standards. Many of preparations manufactured in Rzeszow are innovative products, which set up new standards of treatment.

The organization combines manufacturing of pharmaceutics with full protection of the environment. This rule is the fundamental idea integrally connected with development of ICN Polfa Rzeszów S.A.. Therefore, thanks to consequent Policy of modernization and investments we have for many years, which results from the philosophy of management by the quality applied in the Company, nowadays the Medicines Factory in Rzeszow is set as a pattern to be followed in respect of pro-ecological solutions.

The utilitarian surface of the manufacturing buildings includes the area of 21771 m2, including: manufacturing: 13 559 m2 and packaging: 8213 m2. Warehouse: 10 039 m2. The plant buildings in Rzeszow, including 45m administration building, have an interesting and varied architectonic body, they are also made of innovative materials (i.e. the glass of the highest light permeability) and they are the flagship of Rzeszow city architecture.

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