Cookies Policy

The internet website (herein called „Service”) uses cookies and similar technologies for purposes described below.

The entity deploying cookies on the Service User’s PC and obtaining access to them is: ICN Polfa Rzeszów SA, with its registered office in Rzeszow, ul. Przemysłowa 2, KRS 000085122.

This Policy specifically explains the nature of cookies and why we use them. When we mention „cookies" we also mean other similar technologies which work analogically to cookies. When we mention rules concerning „computers” we mean not only computers but also smartphones, tablets and other devices used to obtain access to the Service.

Cookies are small pieces of data stored in text files that are stored on the user’s computer when websites are visited. The files are widely used to remember user’s device allowing users to display a given website (i.e. personalize it to user’s individual preferences). Cookies can neither read nor modify any other computer data.

There are two kinds of cookies: (i) cookies for a single visit through “session cookie” and (ii) “persistent  cookie”.

Session cookies are removed after you leave the service.

Persistent cookies stay on your computer as long as they are removed by the website’s user or until they expire.

Both types of cookies may fall within one of the four categories below:

  1. Strictly necessary cookies – they enable you to browse the service and use its features.
  2. Functional cookies - allow websites to remember the user's site preferences and choices they make on the site including username, language or region. They ensure access to enhanced, more personalized website functions.
  3. Analytical cookies – they allow to collect information how to use service websites.
  4. Third party cookies – some internet websites may have inbuilt supplements including „social media" or access buttons. When using this type of action buttons, cookie may be defined automatically by the service which you used while initiating a given action under the button. Such cookies may be switched off only by a specific configuration on a third party’s service. Some internet websites may display adverts. In this case cookies collect information about user’s habits and next use this information to personalize adverts of advertisers displayed on a given website.

Cookies used by the Service:

In our Service we are using both types of cookies: (i) session cookies and (ii) persistent cookies.

Cookies that we collect will be used only to: (i) enable logging into and maintaining user’s session on each subsequent Service website (ii) personalize contents of a Service website to user preferences, in particular these files allow to recognize user’s device and respectively display an internet website  personalized to his/her individual needs (iii) creating anonymous statistics with an exclusive user identification option.

By using Service websites you may obtain cookies coming from the third party including e.g. Facebook, Google, Twitter and also from some entities that cooperate with us directly, research companies, multimedia application suppliers, etc. Such cookies are subject to cookies policy of these entities and more information concerning them can be found on their internet websites. We do recommend reading them because the company shall bear no responsibility for the privacy rules applicable on these services.

Each use may manage and control cookies installed on a computer by configurating his/ her browser in a way to make it send notices about cookies and enable it to take decisions whether to accept or reject a given cookie. Moreover, thanks to browser settings all cookies can be blocked. In order to change browser settings, select HELP from the browser menu bar and proceed according to the instructions. No changes in the browser settings for cookies means you approve cookies used by our Service.

When changing settings for cookies management remember that it may negatively affect the functionality of selected applications/ websites which are using the functions mentioned above.

Dear User, our cookies policy may change from time to time without any notice that’s why it is so important for you to regularly review it so that you could be fully aware of any changes.

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